About us

Who is Angel City Estate Sales?

Lori Tucci was brought up in the Antique business; her father was a Gemologist and antique appraiser and her mother was an trendsetting interior designer. She is a second generation antique dealer appraiser. Born and raised in New York, Lori followed her parents into many Hampton’s estates and museums.

Lori owned and operated Retropia, a Mid Century Modern design shop and Gallery in Hollywood, selling everything from Eames chairs to antiques, as well as offering prop rentals to studios and set decorators for use on productions like HBO’s “Mad Men” and “True Blood.”.

With an extensive background in Archaeology, Egyptology and Classical Antiquities, Lori was offered a scholarship at the age of 12 to the Chicago Oriental Institute. Wishing to expand her expertise, Lori majored in Film and Art. She attended Cal State University Fullerton, The American Film Institute (AFI) and UCLA.

After graduation Lori worked as a film editor, set decorator and archivist. She knows quite a lot about motion picture films, film editing, film preservation. Lori owns a collection of rare old movies vaulted at The Academy Film Vaults. She can appraise motion picture and photographic related collectibles; as well as valuate modernism, antiquities and aerospace memorabilia.

Angel City Estate Sales Team:

Steve has sold many rare and vintage automobiles over the years with great success.

Moving  items? Carlos has the truck to do the job right.

Vlad can repair and evaluate your violins and other stringed instruments. He is a formally trained musician and Luthier

Mitchell knows all about American coins and currency, and can help you get top dollar for your old dollars.


Our staff is experienced, knowledgeable, bonded and insured to guarantee your peace of mind. Resolving an estate is like baking a cake — like any good recipe it’s the quality of ingredients and how they are combined that make the most successful outcome!